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Welcome to KitQuest

Welcome to KitQuest, a marketplace for reenactors, larpers, and renaissance faire enthusiasts. This marketplace was built to help facilitate the buying and selling of new and used costumes and kits between like-minded individuals.

As you already know, our communities are filled with talented, creative, craftspeople and suppliers. Together we can help one another share our creations, refresh our kits, and find the supplies we need to live our best back-in-time lives. So whether you are just dipping your toe into costuming, or you are a seasoned pro who is looking to retire, let KitQuest help you sell or buy exactly what you need.

KitQuest Founder Jen

KitQuest Owner and Operator

Hello! I am so glad you have chosen to learn more about KitQuest. My name is Jen and I am the founder and marketplace facilitator of this site. Some of you may also know me as Lady of the Lore, Svanhild, or another persona I have picked up during my time spent reenacting, larping, and attending ren faires. There is a great community surrounding these activities that I am proud to be a part of, and so should you.

I started this site because I saw a need for a dedicated space for the buying and selling of kits. The current market is saturated with cheap mass-produced goods on larger platforms, and the small social groups we have created to help facilitate sales often lack comprehensive search functions and secure payment options. KitQuest provides a better way. Let's work together and get our new and quality used items into the hands of the people who will appreciate it most - our own community.

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KitQuest is operated by Rogart Enterprises LLC, a Michigan based business