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How to sell on KitQuest

Why sell on KitQuest?

On KitQuest, it is easy to find buyers who are already interested in your listings because they are costumers just like you. When selling your new and used kit items, you will find buyers who are knowledgeable on quality brands and craftsmanship of artisan and homemade items. When you have an audience of buyers who knows what your product is worth, you can price them accordingly and get them to people who will truly appreciate them.

Are there any costs to sell on KitQuest?

Yes. Like most marketplaces, there are costs associated with selling on the site. KitQuest charges 10% of each sale you make. This fee will be deducted from your final sale price (including shipping costs) at the time of the sale.

Example: You sell a coat for $90 with $10 shipping, for a total of $100. The KitQuest fee of 10% would equal $10 on this sale which is deducted from your $100, making your final payment price $90.

This fee allows us to cover the costs of doing business, and making sure payments are secure. We may change this fee at anytime, but will provide 30 days notice to all active sellers.

What kind of items can I list on KitQuest?

You can sell any new or used items that are related to reenacting, LARPing, or renaissance faires, with some exceptions. KitQuest does not allow the sale of new mass produced goods or drop shipped items. We want to keep our marketplace free of cheap manufactured goods. Any new item should be handcrafted by you or someone you are directly associated with, or be a new item you purchased for personal use and decided you no longer need. When listing used items, we allow for quality mass produced goods from reputable manufacturers and all homemade items.

KitQuest is not for Halloween costumes or items manufactured for the Halloween market. If it came in a plastic bag from Spirit Halloween, we don't want to see it here.

KitQuest does not allow the sale of most metal weapons at this time. Please refer to section 8 of our Terms of Service for allowable weapons. LARP safe weapons and shields are typically okay to list.

How do I create a listing?

Creating a listing is easy. Sign up for a KitQuest account. We will collect a little information about you and your profile will be created. Once your profile is created, while it is not required, we suggest you provide a picture for your profile and a short description of the type of seller you are. This helps buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

Once you have your profile set up, you will need to put in your Payout Details. This will ensure you are able to be paid when you make a sale. During this process, our third-party payment processor Stripe will collect a little more information from you. This is required to ensure proper payment.

Once your account is set up, it is as easy as clicking "Post a new listing" and then following the prompts. A minimum listing price of $20 is in effect at this time. Follow these tips for a great listing:

  • The best listings have several quality photographs
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting in your photographs
  • Try to ensure items are clean and free of lint and wrinkles
  • Make sure items are accurately pictured. If there are rips, stains, or imperfections make sure those are represented in the photos
  • Clothing items sell best when there are photos of measurements
  • For used items, we encourage you to include photos of you wearing or using the listed item
  • Write a detailed listing description, KitQuest has a robust search function and using keywords will help buyers find your products. Check your spelling! (Bad listing title: "Black corset" Good listing title: "Black silk corset bust size 26, small, bustier cincher"
  • Sellers are required to accurately represent their items in their listing. Use the listing description to describe in detail the item and any flaws it may have. (For example, sellers should let buyers know if items are handmade and have unfinished seams)
  • Make sure to check the appropriate category filters and use the additional description box for more keywords

How does shipping work?

Sellers are responsible for setting shipping costs and shipping their items. KitQuest is only available to users within the United States at this time so all shipping will be domestic. Sellers are expected to ship sold items within five business days. If you have not shipped within five business days, and have not communicated with the buyer or KitQuest, the order may be canceled.

Sellers are required to have tracking on all parcels. Sellers may choose which shipping carrier to use but KitQuest recommends USPS. Priority Mail flat rate boxes are a great choice for sellers who are not shipping savvy. Flat rate boxes can be picked up at any U.S. Post Office, are delivered within 1-3 days, and includes tracking information. USPS Ground Advantage can also be a good option, is delivered within 2-5 days, and also includes tracking.

Once the Buyer has received and accepted the order, Sellers can expect their payments to reach their bank accounts within two to seven days. Orders that have not been accepted within two weeks of purchase will automatically be accepted and funds will be released to the Seller.

What to do if the buyer wants a refund?

All sales on KitQuest are final and cannot be returned. If there is a dispute between you and the buyer that cannot be resolved, the buyer may contact KitQuest. If it is determined that you misrepresented what you are selling, a refund may be issued to the buyer and your profile may be terminated. If the buyer never received the shipment, a case should be opened with the shipping company used. Having tracking on all packages will assist with any claims.

Is there anything else I need to know?

KitQuest is operated by Rogart Enterprises LLC. Please read our Terms of Service and feel free to reach out to us at anytime by emailing